On the occasion of the Austrian EU Presidency 300 participants from 36 countries
focused 2 days on urgent housing problems as well as potential solutions, exchanging their
wide range of different points of experts view and setting out the 2 following objectives:

  1. Which benefits does affordable housing provide for European cities and the economy?
  2. Which legal and financial conditions are necessary in Europe to increase investment in affordable housing?


These questions regarding better housing policies and ways out of the Crisis were comprehensively discussed by
representatives of EU institutions, politicians from different European cities and municipalities, housing experts,
housing providers, tenants’ representatives and scientists.

Additionally the findings of the EU Urban Agenda – Housing Partnership were presented
and requirements for EU legislators were formulated.

Finally the conference ended „on site“ with various study visits offered by the City of Vienna
presenting the Viennese model of social housing.

For more information about the conference as well as several presentations see the official web link